Our Story

At MyMindset we believe that every individual is capable and deserving of a life of fulfillment rather than a life of survival. People have the choice to question their lives and create healthier mindsets. Most of the time people operate on cruise control and go through life without ever challenging their beliefs - even those that hold them back from a life of happiness and peace. At MyMindset we encourage people to create new, empowering mindsets. One of the most effective ways to do this is to help people question their current thinking.

We believe that:

  • You can overcome any dis-empowering mindsets
  • You can rely on your own judgments about what is best for you
  • You have the ability to make conscious choices
  • You can have the richest, fullest life possible, by your own standards
  • You can Change Your Mindset & Change Your Life

Tami's Story


I wanted to live a more fulfilling life. I read self-help books, attended seminars and immersed myself in a community of like-minded individuals. What I came to understand and observe is that people have the highest intention of creating change and are often only capable of doing it temporarily before slipping back into their old patterns. I started asking myself - how do I create lasting change? How can I develop and maintain new mindsets? My answer was simple - COACHING. I created a world where my most intimate relationships were with people who consistently questioned my thoughts, behaviors and actions and taught me to do the same. The result was that I started thinking differently and taking different actions. MyMindset was born of the belief that by questioning thoughts on a daily basis, you will create the mindsets that will bring you peace, growth, happiness and the life of your dreams.


  1. Bring a feeling of empowerment to others.
  2. Create a world outside of my role as a wife and mother.
  3. Financial and Personal freedom
  4. Intellectual and creative stimulation
  5. Travel the world


What would I do if you knew I could not fail? I would develop a web based interactive coaching tool! I would find a simple and fun way to bring daily coaching to the world. What steps can I take today to move me closer to my dream? Everyday I took steps forward! Action is the key to making your dreams a reality. What did I learn today that I can implement tomorrow? Everyday I learned something new and by asking this question I brought awareness to my learning's and was able to implement my learning's to create change.


My mindset is passion and creativity! I am developing the business of my dreams! Everyday I feel fully alive and in alignment with who I am and what I love. My obstacles, and there are many , are always opportunities in disguise. My career path is expansive, energizing and enlightening. Everyday I choose my mindsets, because everyday I have access to transforming questions and coaching.


CEO & Founder Mymindset.com

Hannah's Story


I wanted to be happier. I just felt like something was missing and I wanted to experience even more joy. I was under the impression that this would require lots of external changes. My body, my home, my income, my job, and my roles were all under the microscope. I began by reading inspiring books and connecting with people who filled me up. I rediscovered one of my favorite authors - Dr. Martha Beck. Her stories were authentic, her approach was a mix of sarcasm, humor and pure love, and her tools were life changing. The common theme from Martha and so many others was that you don’t need to change a thing in your life to be happy except your THINKING. This concept blew me away and changed my life forever! I entered Dr. Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training Program in Sept. of 2008 and have never looked back. MyMindset is a way for me to bring coaching to the mainstream.

My5 Whys:

  1. To experience more happiness & live life to the fullest
  2. To show my children the joys of BEING and to share this happiness with others
  3. To teach people what I have learned about happiness, peace, joy, fulfillment, and purpose. That It doesn’t magically appear when you have more money, a bigger house, a "better" body, or the perfect job. It comes from questioning your thinking and creating new mindsets that support you rather than tear you down.
  4. Making coaching really accessible to everyone.
  5. Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to create the lifestyle I want!


My favorite question (just ask my clients!) is "What is your body telling you?" When we get out of our minds and begin connecting with our bodies and how we feel, we begin to access our truth. As Byron Katie (one of my favorite people) says, your body never lies.


My Mindset is POSSIBILITY. I believe in what I am doing wholeheartedly. I know there is no coincidence that I am a part of this program. There have been obstacles to overcome, but I have trusted this process, continued to move forward and it brought me to MyMindset. Now, I notice opportunities and I take them. Sometimes I have limiting beliefs, but I am able to see far beyond them - I really like what I see!


I am the COO of MyMindset.com, an Entrepreneur, an Inspiration, a fulfilled & passionate woman, and HAPPY.

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